New Business Group For Nidderdale

Visit Nidderdale has achieved a lot in a short space of time

This summer, we set up a new website to represent the Dale, and provided a free listing to every local business and community group. We created a comprehensive What’s On calendar, to help promote local events. Posted on social media 7-days a week across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to help showcase local businesses, tourist attractions, community groups, and spread the word about events taking place around the area. We’ve set up an email newsletter to help visitors and locals keep in touch with what is happening here. We visited local businesses at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show to give them our support and help promote Nidderdale. We’ve attended local council meetings, and had discussions with local councillors. We went along to the UCI Roadshow to air concerns on behalf of local businesses, following on from which we were asked by North Yorkshire County Council to show their representatives around Pateley Bridge to meet with local retailers. We have regular meetings with the new journalist for the Nidderdale Herald, and have taken her to visit our local tourist attractions and introduced her to local business owners, helping them make a press connection. We are also regularly sending local stories through to the paper, to help a wide variety of local people get coverage for their business and events. Nidderdale now has a logo and a brand, which we can use to market the Dale and compete with other tourist destinations.

Where Do We Go Next

The response from local businesses and residents has been overwhelming, with people literally stopping me in the street to say how much they appreciate what Visit Nidderdale is doing. Over the summer, I’ve met with lots of business owners, across various industries. Time and again the same issues have come up in conversation: they feel there’s a lack of local business support and co-ordination, too much focus on high profile events which haven’t proven beneficial, and a real desire for change. People want us to do more.

So far, everything Visit Nidderdale has worked on has been at no cost to the local area; marketing materials have been purchased out of our own pockets, and everything has been undertaken in our own time. Visit Nidderdale has received no public money or grants. There is a lot more we can offer, but this means dedicating more time, money, and skills to expand the project further.

To make that happen, we’re launching a membership group, to help fund the work we’re currently doing, provide a budget for marketing Nidderdale attractions and events, and offer more support to businesses. There’s a lot of work to do, and to do the job properly requires a big commitment, but we’re ready to get started and take Nidderdale forward.

Become A Member

Membership applications open today, September 1st. All are welcome to apply, providing your business is based in Nidderdale (if you’re unsure, please get in touch); this is not just for high street retailers, we recognise there is a wide variety of businesses including agriculture, tourism, and service industries, all based in the Nidderdale area. We’ve thought long and hard about pricing, as we recognise times are tough. But, it’s important that we’re realistic about what it costs to do the work, and how many businesses are physically in the area to split those costs between. There will ALWAYS be a free listing available on the website for every business – if we don’t represent the whole Dale, the website is not useful to visitors – but there is also a lot more we can offer our paid members. Take a look at our membership page for detailed information about what you get for your money.

Sign Up Today

Join during September 2019 and save with discounted membership fees.

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