Cinema In The Dale – Wild Rose

A sweet, stirring, and yet refreshingly unsentimental tale of a singer with ambition (and pipes to match), the movie is like the anti-“A Star Is Born.” Set in Glasgow, Scotland, and centring on a young single mother and ex-con who dreams of moving to Nashville to become a country singer, this small, glitz-free drama is a bracing counterpoint to that Oscar winner. “Wild Rose” serves up some of the same ingredients — or at least seems to, at first — but uses a very different recipe. Much of that difference has to do with the circumstances surrounding its central character, Rose-Lynn Harlan (Jessie Buckley), who, as we first meet her, is just getting out of prison after serving one year on a drug charge. On her release, Rose, as most people call her, moves in with Mom (Julie Walters), who has been taking care of Rose’s two young children (Adam Mitchell and Daisy Littlefield) during her daughter’s incarceration. Given Rose’s passion for American country music — a passion she’s indulged since she was 14 as the front woman for the house band at Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry — the kids are named, appropriately enough, Lyle and Wynonna.

Tickets £5. Available from Pateley Bridge Pharmacy.

Bar, Refreshments, and Yorkshire Dales ice cream.